Tsuruta Architects


House Of Trace for a private client, London

House of Trace is a surprising and delightful rethink of the terraced house extension. The exchange between old and new creates intriguing and playful spatial relationships within the house. The central void, marking the split between the old and new, forms a focal point where living and communal spaces have a direct connection to the sleeping and private spaces upstairs.

“The demolition of the original extension and its replacement, called for an intervention that can be a part of the original main building without replicating classical vocabulary or gesture. Our intent was to keep a sense of everyday memory, while simultaneously allowing the new intervention to have its own identity. The original extension had no distinct historical or architectural value, and was structurally unsound, but it had a sloping roof profile typical of those found in terrace house back gardens. We chose to incorporate this banality in the new face of the rear garden – in a way preserving it's charm to carry some sense of associated memory to those who know it or those who see it new.”

Tsuruta Architects
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