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House No. 7 for a private client, The Hebrides

House No. 7 hails from a rich British tradition of buildings which are defined by the location of the site and the traditional methods of vernacular construction. Built on the Isle of Tiree, in the Inner Hebrides, it is an intelligent and witty response to the functional and logistical challenges of location, orientation and isolation. The rebuilt cottage and new living spaces cleverly wrap to create an intimate daylit space at its core. The result is an inventive play on typology; the small cluster of different components creates a new identity while sitting comfortably in the landscape amongst other small traditional buildings. Success is also achieved in its materiality and finishing: the re-use of stone from the ruined black-house cottage is combined with a simple but expressive palette of new materials and fittings; the detail of every corner, both externally and internally, is thoughtfully executed.

“House No.7 sits on the beautiful Island of Tiree with views out across the machair, the sea and the islands beyond. Conceived as a Living House, for the clients to use throughout the year, a Guest House; containing three bedrooms and associated accommodation; and the Utility; containing much needed welly storage and space for the necessary effects required for island life. The architecture is characterised by a mix of both a traditional black house and agricultural steadings all integrated into the landscape.”

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